A. Roy Bowden

Celebrating what life has meant and what it might mean

Celebrancy for family occasions

Ceremonies for partner relationships, marriage, civil union or the end of a person's life, offer opportunities to use creative planning.

When I meet with partners, couples and family members I help them imagine what might be the best way to make the event meaningful and memorable.

Whether the occasion is celebrated in a sacred or significant venue, a garden, a residence, by the sea, or in a special place that holds memories, it is important to elements that hold meaning for each person. Music, readings or performances may enhance the ceremony.

Partners, couples and family members can be sent copies of words and features to include in ceremonies. These are usually discussed in preparatory sessions in order to plan carefully.

Bereavement occasions include elements honouring someone who is remembered for being central to the lives of many. The ceremony is just the beginning of a journey for those who are grieving. 

I began as a clergyman in 1966 officiating at weddings and funerals which in those days were very formal. After resigning from my church related role in 1977, it was not until 2001 that I registered as an independent celebrant. That enabled me to officiate again in this current era wherein couples form different kinds of relationships and ceremony formats are more flexible.

It is a real privilege to be present on these occasions.